May 2005 26
Help, I’ve lost my iSight!
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I had an interesting experience this evening co-presenting a class to students in S. Korea, online. Using a two-way video iChat teleconference, pre-recorded video clips, other pre-recorded clips (audio, video), and a handout. More on

May 2005 05
Posted By : Adrian Chan

MIT’s Reality Mining project hopes to add data from location and cel phone usage to social networking data. I wonder if they have encountered the Heisenberg principle yet in their studies. That is, the behavioral

May 2005 02
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.” Marshall McLuhan, 1955 There are two ways to unpack this one. Heidegger and Goffman, both of whom