November 2005 28
EmPhatic gadgets
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Interesting article about phatic gadgets in Gizmodo today by a designer at Frog Design. These are gadgets that facilitate passing and non-demanding interactions, through wireless or other networks. We use these things sometimes for their

November 2005 23
Careful with that interface, Eugene
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve got to admit that in all these years I’ve never read any Harold Garfinkel, and that *that* was an oversight! If you are in design, and have not read Garfinkel, don’t walk, run, to

November 2005 11
Social interactions scale uniquely
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Social experiences and interactions scale uniquely. Which is just one reason that social interaction design needs to pay close attention to the intervention of technology in communication and interaction. A new feature at an online

November 2005 07
Civilization and its mis/mal/dis/contents
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.” Remember that one? It was repurpased from computer manuals by students during late 60s protests (in Canada, I think) and became a tagline for the student protest movement. We