August 2006 16
Folksonomic Value Proposition part 2 Revised
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“First hoary axiom: Value comes from scarcity. Take the icons of wealth in the industrial age&emdash;diamonds, gold, oil, and college degrees. These were deemed precious because they were scarce.” Kevin Kelly It’s The Folksomy, Stupid

August 2006 15
P2P’s Concept of the Social
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve just put up a three-parter from my guest editorial in the P2P Foundation’s newsletter this week. I blogged it at my The Social Interface network at p2p Foundation is here: P2P Foundationand it’s

August 2006 09
People are Estranged
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I wonder what Jim Morrison’s MySpace page would have looked like, had he been the member of an LA troupe growing its audience by word of mouth, mp3’s of Riders on the Storm breaking on