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Posted By : Adrian Chan
The degree zero of user intentionality on social media

I’m taking some time early this year to organize research for the months ahead. I spend some time over the holidays dipping back into the philosophers and sociologists I’ve always enjoyed reading. Habermas, Derrida, Giddens, Deleuze. There’s nothing better than a chill, rainy, winter day with a stack of your favorite works.

I’m trying to crack the nut this week on the meaning of user activity on social media. It’s a tough one. I suspect that there’s more data collected by social media than we can understand. And a great deal of activity is in response to or anticipation of what’s not there. For a medium that produces as much information as the social web, a great deal of our participation is a manner of coping with what’s not there.

If I can come up with the linkages that couple the medium with psychological, linguistic, and sociological descriptions of meaning and explanations of actions, I’ll be very happy. It feels close this time.

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