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Social Analytics and Understanding the User

I’ve been having a fascinating time reading through papers on NextStage Evolution, a company in the business of metrics and online media analysis. And I’m compelled to write briefly on some core methodological principles, primarily because the methodology behind social … Continue reading

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The Not Being here of Twitter, and No Being here of Friendfeed

People are again afoot, around the world, in protest. Protesting against (Iraq, Paris, Haiti), protesting for (China, South Korea, Irvine, CA). Pro-tests by Chinese students at American universities for Chinese pride. Con-tests in Iraq against American “occupiers.” Marching, gathering, mobbing, … Continue reading

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Sentimetrix… Sentimentrix… Sentimistaken?

Sentimetrix, which I have to admit I haven’t used, makes an interesting claim viz its sentiment algos for social media sentiment analysis. The first para claims that sentiment can be measured semantically. Interesting. That would assign intensity of sentiment to … Continue reading

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