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Groundswell Social Technographics quiz, or Some of the Above

Take this social technographics quiz and see whether you agree with the results. I can’t agree with mine, but that’s probably because I found it hard! Several of the questions were for women (I checked male but the quiz isnt gendered), and frankly it’s hard for me to answer anything other than “hire a planner” when asked to imagine that I’m a bride getting worked up for the big day.

There weren’t any “none of the above” choices, and the questions and multiple choice answers were highly specific. I agree that “self-reporting” what you think you are may be less accurate than a contextualize question (if you were at a party…), but some of these survey questions offered a tough set of responses.

No wonder I came out as a spectator. I think by the criteria used in this survey, creators are those who want to tell everyone about what they did, think, like, no matter who’s listening, and even think about it when they’re not online. I’d call those addicts!

On a more serious note, the idea of user personalities is hugely compelling. But the way to organize them, IMHO, is around

–how people communicate (do they talk about themselves, do they like to know who they are talking to, do they like to talk about or with, competitively or consensually),

–how they feel (whether they are sensitive to how they feel online, how they think others see them),

–how they relate (do they get the attention of others because people follow them; because they pay attention to their friends and colleagues, or because they are often group/social participants)

Because blogs, talk tools like twitter, profile-based sites, ratings and review services, mobile and location services, rich media content sites, collaborative writing/editing sites, and commerce/trade sites all offer different ways of engaging. Not all of them require the post-centric contributions covered in this technographic profile survey.

It’s a provocative little survey though. And I’m sure there will be some good progress made this year in developing psych profiles for social media users. (I’d share mine right now if they were ready — but they need more work yet.)

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