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Succumbing to Immediacy

News this past few wks has been nothing short of remarkable, and with each passing day it has seemed that our political theater couldn’t possibly get any more dramatic. And yet as the crisis we’re in has unfolded, each episode … Continue reading

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OF Lifestreaming and Feeds: Who’s Talking?

Feeling overfed lately? Sidle up to the trough, there’s company here. Yes, subscribing to feed-based applications can be like drinking from a firehose, especially during times like these. When the daily news is itself the topic of presidential campaigns, late-night … Continue reading

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Swurl: lifestreaming and timelining

Like many of you, I simply can’t keep up with the river of lifestreaming applications hitting public beta this year. Many seem to simply do the same thing, more or less, with a bit more of this or a bit … Continue reading

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