November 2008 17
Social Media PR Playbook: Thoughts
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve been gestating ideas for the past several days around ways to use social media for PR purposes that would exceed the normal use of social media tools to print and distribute PR messaging. It

November 2008 12
SNCR and AdCouncil collaboration
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Society for New Communications Research Joins with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Ad Council on Social Networking and Online Community Initiative for Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Excerpt:“The Ad Council is proud

November 2008 05
Sea Change
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Minding and possibly mincing his words, Henry Hank Paulson leaned forward and, zen-like, recited the mantra, “restore confidence.” Showing little of the wide-eyed panic and sudden resolve out of which his and Ben Bernanke’s recent