The Topsy-Turvy World of Social Media

This short slideshow has been sitting about on my machine for months. This morning, for no particular reason, I decided to wrap and post it.

It’s a reflection on some of the paradoxes of social media, seen from the perspective of the user experience. But instead of doing a normal description of social media, this time I explore the ways in which identity, presence, connections, relationships, communication, even time, get warped and distorted by mediation.

While it may read cynically, it’s not — and I’m not cynical about online experiences. That said, I do use the strategy of exaggeration to expose deeper truths within. Whether this is fair or not is for you to judge!

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  • Larry Irons

    I really do enjoy your take on social media, especially the way you adapt the concept of the self as social. Your take on social media as involving the design of social interaction makes me wonder if you are channeling Charles Horton Cooley.