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Answer services: satisfying two user experiences

Interesting article about Aardvark in the New York Times over the weekend. InNow All Your Friends Are in the Answer Business, author Randall Stross covers a few “answer businesses” alongside Aardvark’s recently public IM service. Yelp and Yahoo Answers are … Continue reading

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Digesting public Facebook feeds: implications for brands

Your Facebook updates are going public. In what’s being viewed as a response to twitter’s success, and as a protective measure taken before a release of revamped Facebook search, user updates will soon come with privacy controls. From the release: … Continue reading

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The power of listening: a brief personal meditation

A friend of mine used to have a philosophy about friendship that I’d like to share. It affected me and and I still lean on it from time to time. He believed that we are each like some kind of … Continue reading

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