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SXSW: Please vote! Social Interaction Design Concepts

I’m excited but still somewhat churlish about posting this, the obligatory Vote for Me at SXSW! post. But I think there could be some great insights to come out of this event. It seems that time for the industry. Time … Continue reading

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Newspaper culture, authority, social media, and relevance

Stowe Boyd has an excellent post today on social news. While at first I was going to just leave a comment, my thoughts ascended from commentary to a post in their own right. Not wanting to blogjack Stowe’s points, I’d … Continue reading

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Dave Winer’s little tweet reader: some thoughts

This morning I followed the suggestions of Marshall Kirkpatrick and tried out Dave Winer’s new little twitter backup tool. I pulled the opml file into Google Reader as instructed and it wasn’t long before i had one of those “Aha!” … Continue reading

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