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Socially-mediated branding: Revangelism?

I have been talking about socially-mediated branding without having really offered a description of what I mean by it. In follow up to yesterday’s post on consumers and their identification with brands, I want to just unpack this idea a … Continue reading

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Socially-mediated branding: identify yourself

If one did a semantic analysis of the language I use in my blog posts of late, I’d not be surprised if two of the words I use most are “many” and “different.” I much prefer many and different to … Continue reading

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The sociability spec: documenting social interaction requirements

The social interaction requirements docWe’re all familiar with the MRD and PRD, documents used to set market and product requirements for a new software application or service. For social media products, I think there’s another piece of documentation worth writing. … Continue reading

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