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Brief thoughts on discourse networks

Every age has its metaphors. Ideas or notions around which related phenomena seem to crystallize easily. Descriptions and concepts that seem to explain what’s going on by means of a waxing common sense, if not sound logic and reason. It’s … Continue reading

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SxD: Primary and Secondary Frames

I wrote several times last year about frames and re-framing the approaches to social media design. The concept of frames is borrowed from Erving Goffman’s analysis of face-to-face social interactions. In brief, frames are how we know What’s going on, … Continue reading

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Social media in the enterprise: formal v informal sociality

Social media will continue to penetrate the enterprise in 2010. And if past discussions are any indication, we should be able to look forward to a healthy discussion around similarities and differences between consumer-facing social media, and social media as … Continue reading

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