August 2010 26
I just killed a social game mechanic
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Techcrunch this week posted a copy of a social gaming playdeck used by SCVNGR. Social gaming is indeed hot these days. But there’s some confusion around game mechanics and social gaming dynamics. I don’t see

August 2010 25
Are social media valuable to society?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Many have noted the decline and fall of print and professional journalism. Some point their fingers at social media, or at the internet in general. There’s truth to this, although there are economic and business

August 2010 24
Social media personas 2.0: The Inviter
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The inviter This is in lieu of a theoretical description, analytical observation, or research summary. It will read as fiction, but any resemblance to real people is entirely intentional. I will attempt a kind of