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End of daily deals, or are social deals still ahead?

There have been a lot of signs recently that social media is prime for some critical pause and reflection. Anemic growth in user acquisition, a sense of fatigue, copycat sites and services, and unworkable business models all point to industry … Continue reading

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Death of the checkin 1.0

So Facebook, confronting a conundrum on where to press on user activity — Places or Pages — has nullified the Place checkin. In favor of location tagging, which is now possible from inside of Facebook posts (no need to be … Continue reading

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Social media 1.0 coming to an end?

It’s out there, in the air, a murmur if not clear as writing on the wall. Hushed whispers about feed fatigue. Seasonal slowdown. A proliferation of bots. And among the real users: a sense that it’s always more of the … Continue reading

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