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Social media and marketing doublespeak

I’ve been following a lot of financial news of late. Not just because it’s interesting, in a “the end of the world is nigh” kind of way. Because it’s immensely complex. And I like complex things. If the world economy … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on social media user types

I’m pleased that the Bain company conducted research into social media users. Honestly and with earnest affirmation. However, the types they found among us users beg a few questions. And I should state up front that I have my own … Continue reading

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Zero Moment of Truth, or Zero Moment of Insight?

Marketers are using the phrase “zero moment of truth” to describe the challenge they face in online marketing and sales. The challenge being that, unlike the “first moment of truth” customers experience when first ogling a product on the store … Continue reading

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