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Big data, social data: which matters more?

By all accounts, there’s a big data revolution on its way, and soon. New, distributed, and increasingly real time database and data warehousing solutions have made big data storage and querying more viable. Data collection, of course, continues apace. And … Continue reading

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Lean UX and lean startups: is trial and error the best way forward?

Lean UX is meant to be the user experience design approach best suited to the lean startup. Lean startups are meant to be the best business approach suited to the startup industry. And agile development, it goes without saying, the … Continue reading

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The secret sauce of social

This is for anyone who enjoys thinking about what makes social media what it is, how it works, and why. In particular, it’s for user experience and interaction designers. But there are some morsels in here that should be helpful … Continue reading

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