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Enterprise systems of engagement — social designers needed

Brushing up on the state of the art within enterprise systems, and the conversations about user experience in particular. This post from 2012 cites the importance of UI and user experience to increasing numbers of enterprise decision makers.   The Move … Continue reading

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Apple, the rise and fall of “aura,” and the social brand image

Bruce Nussbaum has an interesting post in FastCompany this morning on the decline of Apple’s brand aura. You don’t hear this term used much, and it’s an interesting choice. It refers to Walter Benjamin’s invocation of the aura of a … Continue reading

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Big UX, small UX

In a conversation with a colleague yesterday, I got to thinking about the difference between big and small UX. Big UX being strategic; small being UI and application interface design. The two belong to a single spectrum that spans the … Continue reading

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