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The realtime stream is not only a river of information, but a flow of conversation and interaction. This section includes posts related to the state of realtime streams as well and directions forward. Activity streams, action streams, and posts on stream tools such as Wave and Buzz are included here.

Instagram: the object of sharing & the shared object

I’ve been taking care of other things, as they say, and off the blogmobile for a while awaiting inspiration and a muse. Neither has made any great arrival, so I opt now for Plan B — which is to simply … Continue reading

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Facebook and the co-creative Self: a new chapter

At the risk of speaking too soon on Facebook’s announced design changes, I want to venture some reflections on what it seems Facebook is doing. I’ve long argued for capturing user interests over needs and objectives; of using social interaction … Continue reading

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On designing time for talk, and real time feeds

“A timetable, such as a schedule of the times at which trains run, might seem at first sight to be merely a temporal chart. But actually it is a time-space ordering device, indicating both when and where trains arrive. As … Continue reading

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