November 2011 30
Social media and marketing doublespeak
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve been following a lot of financial news of late. Not just because it’s interesting, in a “the end of the world is nigh” kind of way. Because it’s immensely complex. And I like complex

September 2011 27
Social tools, technologies of time
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“Social systems only exist in and through the continuity of social practices, fading away in time.” Anthony Giddens In matters of designing social media and social tools, I don’t think we can ever fully appreciate

September 2011 22
Talk, old school style
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“Talk is an intrinsic feature of nearly all encounters and also displays similarities of systemic form. Talk ordinarily manifests itself as conversation. ‘Conversation’ admits of a plural, which indicates that conversations are episodes having beginnings

August 2011 16
Can social games get real?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“We are best served here by taking the general model of the game as a point of orientation. This will also explain to us why it is that sports programmes, especially where replays are concerned,