November 2006 15
The deep paradox of the link
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’m nearing release of some 120 pages of social interaction design material, all of it around the action domains and social practices, as well as design of content and action systems for social software (social

October 2006 17
What if mass media went away?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Here’s a thought experiment: What if the internet were to absorb mass media? What if radio and television were to disappear entirely, their services absorbed into the net, handled by a number of competing players

October 2006 13
YouTube: videos are signs, watching is social
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media, writes: “What we are considering here, however, are the psychic and social consequences of the designs or patterns as they amplify or accelerate existing processes. For the ‘message’ of any

October 2006 11
Pay Attention to YouTube!
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’m on a bit of a Marshall McLuhan kick this week, with YouTube’s acquisition to Google still in the air. And Kim Jong Il leaping up and down at the far eastern edge of the