October 2006 09
Marshall McLuhan on YouTube
Posted By : Adrian Chan

There’s a great scene in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall in which Allen, overhearing a guy in line for a movie refer to Marshall McLuhan, produces McLuhan with the words “as a matter of fact, I

August 2006 16
Folksonomic Value Proposition part 2 Revised
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“First hoary axiom: Value comes from scarcity. Take the icons of wealth in the industrial age&emdash;diamonds, gold, oil, and college degrees. These were deemed precious because they were scarce.” Kevin Kelly It’s The Folksomy, Stupid

July 2006 14
Podcasts and Podcasting on my mind
Posted By : Adrian Chan

They say that hearing is the first of our senses to come to our awareness — as our mother’s heart beats through the early months of our lives. Marshall McLuhan, a mentor of mine and