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The conundrum of corporate social media use

The world of institutional social media use is fraught with tricky choices and ambiguous policy diktats. What can an institution say and not say? What can it do and what should it not do? Is a Like an expression of … Continue reading

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The medium and its messengers: story-telling and social media

This post is a re-poste of a comment. On a post about story telling (branding, narrative, and the media). The Hero’s Journey of Open Design. I’m sharing it here because the comment became a bit of an exposition and I … Continue reading

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Social media and marketing doublespeak

I’ve been following a lot of financial news of late. Not just because it’s interesting, in a “the end of the world is nigh” kind of way. Because it’s immensely complex. And I like complex things. If the world economy … Continue reading

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