February 2010 02
Algorithmic authority: critical reflections
Posted By : Adrian Chan

In a post late last year on algorithmic authority, Adina Levin compares and contrasts the relevance of social selections and recommendations made in Google and Facebook. She raises the question of the algorithm’s capacity to

January 2010 29
SxD: Primary and Secondary Frames
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I wrote several times last year about frames and re-framing the approaches to social media design. The concept of frames is borrowed from Erving Goffman’s analysis of face-to-face social interactions. In brief, frames are how

November 2009 30
Lunch for good, food for thought
Posted By : Adrian Chan

A post by friend Chiah Hwu today has reminded me of a topic that was on my mind recently. That being both the subtext and explicit goal of a series of well-catered, guested, and hosted

October 2009 08
Realtime streams: now and then
Posted By : Adrian Chan

All social media involve a dislocation that de couples the act of communication or interaction from its artifact, which is a text or recording. This is a shame, in some respects, but one that creates