April 2008 26
Mining social media
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I had some compelling conversations with Joseph Carrabis of Nextstage Evolution this past week at SNCR’s NewComm Forum where I was also formulating what I’ll be doing this year as a sr research fellow. Joseph’s

April 2008 14
New slideshow on social media user competencies
Posted By : Adrian Chan

This slideshow introduces a view of the social media user that emphasizes the sociability, communication, and interaction skills and competencies. In it I make the argument that user experience and interaction designers approach social media

January 2008 03
Scoble banished for botting Facebook
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Folks who know me know that one of my interests last year was social analytics — and that I’m interested in new ways of capturing and representing our online profiles and activities. Well the news

October 2007 04
What is Social Interaction Design slides
Posted By : Adrian Chan

heya folks, I can finally re-launch my site (softly), which now focuses on social interaction design entirely. I also have a slideshow that introduces, with the brevity forced by use of bullets, the concepts of