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Communication technology and theory: Research into the interpersonal and social interface

This work from 2002-2003 explores the impact of the internet and communication technology on interpersonal communication and society. It focuses on a transformation of mediated interaction. The effect of communication technologies on face to face talk, on gestures and cues, on meta-linguistic signals, and so on. As meaning is transferred to the digital artifact, what is gained, and what is lost? Are there social implications for our reliance on communicating non face to face? These sociological perspectives use human factors and communication theory to suggest design approaches to communication technology that go beyond computer mediated interaction and HCI design thinking.

Materiality and amplification: design, functions, features, and the interface to the human face

When communication technology requires a secondary medium

Communication technology extends attention

What is a communication technology's functional effectiveness

Sociology and the negotiations of presence availability: the internet, access, and connection

Synchronous communication technology: Connection

Asynchronous communication technology: Connectivity

Close Encounters with technology