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Welcome! I am social interaction design (SxD) specialist Adrian Chan. I work for you to help your social media work better. Whether you have built an app, a site, service, or community. Or are looking to implement a social media campaign and strategy.

I believe that success in social media involves a combination of technology design expertise as well as a deep grasp of human interests and social interactions. I bring 15 years in multimedia, web development, branding, and strategy to my work. I coined SxD in 2005 and have focused on social media since.

Social interaction design combines online application design with insights into user interests and social practices. It includes "models" of a number of personality types and ways of using social media. And includes social activities, conversation and its forms, social and user-generated content, and more.

Social media campaigns have social design issues, just as do communities and applications. Issues of language use, timing, influencers, culture, and much more. What I call the sociability of a brand or experience.

I am available for consulting to organizations that make social media, use social media, and promote with social media.
I offer a number of client engagements:

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  • Reading Notes contains drafts of notes kept while reading sociology, systems theory, media theory, communication and psychology for their relevance to social interaction design.

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