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OnHollywood, Live, Opening Night

I’m at the Roosevelt, Hollywood, LA, blogging for the OnHollywood conference, and supporting, to the extent that I can, the GoingOn.com team for which I’ve been working as UI and interaction designer for the past months…

Val gets a shoutout. Two shoutouts! Back-row blogging means a field of view dotted with celphone screens and punctuated by conversations by the back row bloggers about what the phones are.
Tony, speaking about his daughter’s use of the net and social software, gets into the substance. And the guy next to me is using a fold-out keyboard and a phone encased in material that I assume can bounce and skip to tap out his real-time commentary.
Is there such a thing as listening to the speaker, seeing the speaker not on the screen but live onstage, and catching getting to know your peers without first glancing at their name tags.
HIrschberg take the stage. And after preliminaries, and before a comedic reference to good ol’ Dick, Richard Nixon, that is, previews a trailer (and how does one preview a trailer?)…. Coming soon: The day of the long tail. Hilarious. He continues with his presentation. He shows a fresh chart from Technorati that captures a doubling of the blogosphere every 5 months. 50,000 blog posts per hour. 28#% are in English. Half the posts tagged are in Asian languages (who’s got these numbers? too much to blog).
Yes! He shows us a clip of the shoeshine man! This guy is on top of it.
Now to the substance they paid him to keynote. Technorati on the day of the London bombings (which happened, as it happens, on my birthday: 7/7).

It’s possible that I’m not getting all of this.

Sifry, are you out there? Peter just covered the German “Du bist Deutschland” campaign and you won’t believe what he just featured…. Liz, you ought to be here.
Bloggers in the bathroom indeed.

But he’s right. Messaging loses its control when the blogosphere is invited in. “I’m hearing voices in my brand.” That might be how they hear it. User-generated content though, is not just consumption of the production chain; but participation in an ongoing value chain: what Hirschberg calls “the gian brain.”
So whether you type that as the Life of Brian or the LIfe of Brain, a movement either follows its leader or leads its followers.
Tag You’re It, and the technorati lead the charge in defining what’s goingOn.
(Jason Lewis: Peter just demo’d a dynamic text representation of technorati tags that should have and could have been done with your text organ!)
Uh-oh, Peter is taking on the president now. That might rival Colbert’s performance at the annual press dinner this past weekend.
Peter and Val are bringing the house done now. They took the elevator pitches of the OnHollywood sponsors and had a couch-load of girls ages ranging in the neighborhood of 11 to read the pitches from cards to each other, and vote… Seems the girls sent these startups back to the drawing board. Series A-, or i that series C?


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