November 2012 04
Beyond the Social Object
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The idea of social objects has been around for quite some time. Indeed, a lifetime in internet years. But for all of its conceptual durability, it offers limited theoretical insight — to the point of

October 2012 22
All experience is organized
Posted By : Adrian Chan

User experience designers seem to come in two flavors. Those who tackle the big form. And those who master the small form. Big form being user experience from a situated but holistic perspective. Small form

June 2011 12, and the art of listening
Posted By : Adrian Chan

  “Individuals are very rarely expected ‘just’ to be co-present in gatherings and never are permitted to act thus in encounters. The reflexive monitoring of action, in contexts of co-presence, demands a sort of ‘controlled

February 2009 24
Attention and inattention on Twitter
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I missed this research on twitter social networks as i was taking time away from the internets when it was posted. Here’s Jeremiah Owyang’s coverage of network analysis conducted at HP labs. The research does