September 2010 09
Social interaction design 101
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The design of social media tools and services is a bit of an art, and a tricky one at that. Where design methodologies exist, they compete with business requirements and a rapidly changing landscape. Where

July 2009 21
A conversation with Thomas Vander Wal
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The following is a raw and unedited email exchange between myself and Thomas Vander Wal (@vanderwal), fellow social interaction designer and social software architect par excellance. Thomas and I have complementary perspectives on social media

June 2009 12
Re-framing the problem: SxD
Posted By : Adrian Chan

This post is about social interaction design. I’ve been gestating around the concept of “frames” for the past couple weeks. Frames of meaning, frames of experience, and frames as a concept for a user-centric description