September 2009 17
Social Interaction Design: Structure
Posted By : Adrian Chan

This post is inspired by today’s excellent reflection On the thoughtful use of points in social systems by Adin Levin of Socialtext. Adina summarizes a twitter conversation that unfolded yesterday among “Kevin Marks, Tom Coates,

September 2009 16
Activity Streams: Content and Flow
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The realtime trend continues unabated, with presentations at TechCrunch50, Facebook’s recent updates, and next-generation newspaper designs all extending the impact and value of the stream in social media. Disaggregation begets reaggregation, as demonstrated by the

September 2009 14
Social Interaction Design simplified
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I have been asked recently to explain Social Interaction Design (SxD) in simple terms. What it is to design and designers, and to user experience design fields in particular (interaction design and information architecture). But

June 2009 03
Users: which is which, and who is who?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Who knows?On the phone yesterday with friend and colleague John Cass (SNCR), he happened upon an interesting topic. One for social media professionals of all kinds: designers, builders, funders, pundits. The question came up: doesn’t

April 2009 10
The Inmates Have Requested Asylum
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I spent much of yesterday afternoon listening to podcasts from a conference I wish I had attended: the IA Summit. The podcasts are up on Boxes and Arrows (thank you Chris Baum!) and are well