November 2008 17
Social Media PR Playbook: Thoughts
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve been gestating ideas for the past several days around ways to use social media for PR purposes that would exceed the normal use of social media tools to print and distribute PR messaging. It

October 2008 28
Cisco Disco Very Video: Cisco Uses Vlogs.
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’m at blogwell in San Jose, listening to John Earnhardt Cisco Systems and Ken Kaplan from Intel discuss corporate blogging strategies. Cisco favors video, which is in keeping with its own telepresence efforts. Video has

October 2008 02
Social media and the job of PR
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I have to admit that my gut reaction to PR on twitter is a sinking one. It makes me wonder if the party’s over — if the spamification of twitter is just around the corner,