February 2007 08
Getting into social video
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’ve been poking about the social video space of late and absorbing as many moving pixels as can be safely beamed at a pair of analog eye sockets without producing tissue damage, seizures, or abnormalities

January 2007 15
Towards a reckless rethinking of Social Media
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Those of you familiar with what I’m trying to do with Social Interaction Design know that I’m trying to avoid reading social media analogically. It’s too easy. Social media may resemble social interaction, online communities

October 2006 13
YouTube: videos are signs, watching is social
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media, writes: “What we are considering here, however, are the psychic and social consequences of the designs or patterns as they amplify or accelerate existing processes. For the ‘message’ of any