August 2011 03
Google+ Topical circles?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Google+ appears to have struck a chord with Circles. Circles provide a convenient way to filter incoming content posts by groups of people. They take some work to set up, but in launching with Circles,

July 2011 29
Google+ Circles: a new design for talk?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

A long while back I wrote up a case for a message-based social networking standard that would couple posts and responses, and which would permit actions on posts that could be updated on participating social

July 2011 28
Google+, minus growing pains
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Google+ is still very, very, young. But the internet doesn’t wait. And when a new service is adopted and welcomed by journalists reporting on the very medium in which the service is launched. Well, you’re

July 2011 06
Google+: Of Circles and Followers
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Of all social tools still going strong today, twitter’s use of the follow/follow back as a means of launching and gaining traction has been the most copied. I can’t think of a faster way to