April 2008 14
New slideshow on social media user competencies
Posted By : Adrian Chan

This slideshow introduces a view of the social media user that emphasizes the sociability, communication, and interaction skills and competencies. In it I make the argument that user experience and interaction designers approach social media

February 2008 05
Senior Fellow at SNCR this year!
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Hi folks, I’m pleased to announce that I”ll be a Senior Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research this year! I’ll be focusing on research in a couple areas: social media marketing and advertising,

October 2007 04
What is Social Interaction Design slides
Posted By : Adrian Chan

heya folks, I can finally re-launch my site (softly), which now focuses on social interaction design entirely. I also have a slideshow that introduces, with the brevity forced by use of bullets, the concepts of

February 2007 11
Social Media: It’s all Talk
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Getting the talk right on social media sites is essential to success. And the range of tools and post types (blog, comment, discuss, video, etc) and messaging types available on social software sites has never