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Posted By : Adrian Chan
The Video in the Age of its Social Reproduction: The Message is the Medium

Short-form video. From 2″ to 2 feet to 10 feet. Social Media. Social Networks. Clips. Streaming. Playback Control. User-generated content. Advertising.

Marketing is going social. Networks are going commercial. Where communication happens, there will always be capital, and where there is capital, there will be content. This is the way our culture goes. What the MySpace generation has shown, by escaping to converse where it’s still free, frightens big media. Messaging is only as believable as its medium. In the post-television age, the message is the medium.

  1. Television networks think in terms of push. The TV network is not our network.
  2. The video revolution will not be televised.
  3. Infinite broadcasting, clear channels available on all devices, in all formats, and in all places does not good content guarantee. To quote Pink Floyd, “13 channels of sh*t on the TV to choose from.”
  4. In the post-television age it is the “tele” that’s the vision in television.
  5. To understand the post-television age think “post”: blogged, linked, and commented.
  6. Playshifting will shift players, as timeshifting shifts schedules; to quote Mark Burnett: “The new primetime is 9 – 5.
  7. Mobility makes watching tv social: watch yourself being seen watching (yourself being seen).
  8. The web was not a medium of eyeballs, web 2.0 is not a measurement of screen dimensions.
  9. Network television and television networks are not our friends’ networks.
  10. No advertising can speak with the authenticity of speech; to the advertiser, “capital letters” mean monetizing correspondence.

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