March 2009 18
Twitalyzer, for dwunk tweeting
Posted By : Adrian Chan

This is just a short post on twitter analytics tools, not the hefty ones but the lite ones. It’s a “get this off my chest” kind of post, combined with a “what do you all

March 2009 04
Twitter’s Endgame: Search is Chat?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

The recent skittles twitter campaign used a feature in limited testing at twitter. It’s called integrated search, or real-time search. You could see it at work Sunday & Monday on the homepage, or in

March 2009 03
The Gift, and the Spirit of the Word
Posted By : Adrian Chan

“In the economic and legal systems that have preceded our own, one hardly ever finds a simple exchange of goods, wealth, and products in transactions concluded by individuals. First, it is not individuals but collectivities