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Posted By : Adrian Chan
SXSW: Social Interaction Design Concepts and Insights

It’s that time of year — time to vote up your favorite SXSW panels! I’m excited to finally present core social interaction design concepts. This presentation will canvas essential elements of design and strategy for modeling and executing on social media design.

I will review some of my core concepts, from user-centricity and framing interactions, to core personality types and social dynamics and practices. We will look at how design, marketing, and engineering teams can anticipate the outcomes of social features and functionalities. I will ground these in the fundamental approaches provided by sociology and psychology, from user agency and action to interaction and communication models. We will learn how social systems involve both bias and feedback loops, and examine where these are relevant, from realtime feeds and filters to social games.

I look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, please pass this around, vote, retweet, comment, and all that good stuff!


Vote here: Social Interaction Design Concepts and Insights


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