October 2006 13
YouTube: videos are signs, watching is social
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Marshall McLuhan, in Understanding Media, writes: “What we are considering here, however, are the psychic and social consequences of the designs or patterns as they amplify or accelerate existing processes. For the ‘message’ of any

October 2006 09
Marshall McLuhan on YouTube
Posted By : Adrian Chan

There’s a great scene in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall in which Allen, overhearing a guy in line for a movie refer to Marshall McLuhan, produces McLuhan with the words “as a matter of fact, I

July 2006 14
Podcasts and Podcasting on my mind
Posted By : Adrian Chan

They say that hearing is the first of our senses to come to our awareness — as our mother’s heart beats through the early months of our lives. Marshall McLuhan, a mentor of mine and