October 2008 08
The Now Web: Not Now, or Not Yet?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I have my Stanford reunion coming up tomorrow. At the risk of dating myself, it’s my twentieth. I wrote my thesis at Stanford on an Apple Macinthosh, which required swapping out floppy discs in order

October 2008 03
Dipping into Dipity — scaleable timelines
Posted By : Adrian Chan

I’m quite enjoying playing around with Dipity. The site falls another lifestreaming app, butwhere many run the stream vertically, and page-by-page, dipity uses a horizontal timeline display. You can zoom in on the timeline scale

September 2008 29
OF Lifestreaming and Feeds: Who’s Talking?
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Feeling overfed lately? Sidle up to the trough, there’s company here. Yes, subscribing to feed-based applications can be like drinking from a firehose, especially during times like these. When the daily news is itself the