January 2007 15
Towards a reckless rethinking of Social Media
Posted By : Adrian Chan

Those of you familiar with what I’m trying to do with Social Interaction Design know that I’m trying to avoid reading social media analogically. It’s too easy. Social media may resemble social interaction, online communities

January 2007 11
New Social Software Design White Paper
Posted By : Adrian Chan

White Paper: Social Interaction Design Guide: Social Media, Social Practices, Social Content 76 pages. by Adrian Chan I’ve had to take a break from social media blogging lately to work on a few white papers

October 2006 04
You looking at me? Invisibility at Facebook
Posted By : Adrian Chan

According to Techcrunch last week, Facebook has enabled the following updates to privacy controls, hand in hand with its grand opening (to the public; facebook was an invite only community): Block other users in specific