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On designing time for talk, and real time feeds

“A timetable, such as a schedule of the times at which trains run, might seem at first sight to be merely a temporal chart. But actually it is a time-space ordering device, indicating both when and where trains arrive. As … Continue reading

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Social Interaction Design: Structure

This post is inspired by today’s excellent reflection On the thoughtful use of points in social systems by Adin Levin of Socialtext. Adina summarizes a twitter conversation that unfolded yesterday among “Kevin Marks, Tom Coates, Jane McGonigal, Tara Hunt, Josh … Continue reading

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Activity Streams: Content and Flow

The realtime trend continues unabated, with presentations at TechCrunch50, Facebook’s recent updates, and next-generation newspaper designs all extending the impact and value of the stream in social media. Disaggregation begets reaggregation, as demonstrated by the newcomer threadsy this week. As … Continue reading

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