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Social Media: It’s all Talk

Getting the talk right on social media sites is essential to success. And the range of tools and post types (blog, comment, discuss, video, etc) and messaging types available on social software sites has never been greater. Social media sites … Continue reading

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Getting into social video

I’ve been poking about the social video space of late and absorbing as many moving pixels as can be safely beamed at a pair of analog eye sockets without producing tissue damage, seizures, or abnormalities of the brain. It’s an … Continue reading

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Some sociology on the coupling of social media and mass media

Reading Notes: Social Media, Mass Media PDF, 45 pages The Reality of the Mass Media, by Niklas Luhmann, and Anthony Giddens’ Modernity and Self Identity together provide a rich basis for unpacking how online media, and social media (user generated … Continue reading

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