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News and Feeds: Power Curve to the Long Tail?

The web, and the social web in particular, has been hailed for its contribution to a new economic principle: the long tail. It was brought to our attention convincingly a couple years back by Wired editor Chris Anderson, and has … Continue reading

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Some sociology on the coupling of social media and mass media

Reading Notes: Social Media, Mass Media PDF, 45 pages The Reality of the Mass Media, by Niklas Luhmann, and Anthony Giddens’ Modernity and Self Identity together provide a rich basis for unpacking how online media, and social media (user generated … Continue reading

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Webocracy, Mass media, mini media, MySpace, YouTube

An article in today’s SF Gate caught my eye. It’s title included the word “Webocracy,” so I knew right away that it must have to do with web 2.0, Silicon Valley, and the like. Like the term “folksonomy,” “webocracy” captures … Continue reading

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