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Twitter for social marketing? Tweetvolume, Summize, and the Holy Grail

Checking out some of the innumerable twitter third party apps with an eye to the use of twitter in marketing and branding. If the social media marketers have it right, twitter ought to be an ideal social marketing tool. It’s … Continue reading

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Groundswell Social Technographics quiz, or Some of the Above

Take this social technographics quiz and see whether you agree with the results. I can’t agree with mine, but that’s probably because I found it hard! Several of the questions were for women (I checked male but the quiz isnt … Continue reading

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New slideshow on social media user competencies

This slideshow introduces a view of the social media user that emphasizes the sociability, communication, and interaction skills and competencies. In it I make the argument that user experience and interaction designers approach social media with the user’s social interests … Continue reading

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