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Social media: the attention economy explained

I started wondering last evening what twitter would be like if in addition to followers we could also see who was actually being paid attention to. The groups many of us use in clients like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, for example. … Continue reading

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Activity Streams: Realtime and Streamtime

The realtime web is living on borrowed time. Not in the sense that time’s running out on realtime. But in the sense that the realtime web actually involves two kinds of time. One is the time in which information is … Continue reading

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Structured Tweeting?

Adina Levin of Socialtext posted recently about Tags for ActivityStrea.ms. I’ve been enjoying online conversations with Adina quite a lot of late; there’s a constructive Venn overlap between our approaches to design for social media and social interactions. Given the … Continue reading

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