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Social and conversational implications of cross-referenced activity streams

Efforts are currently underway to link up @names and @replies in Buzz and make them share-able across networks using activity streams. If successful, this would mean that naming a user in one service would surface the message elsewhere. A buzz … Continue reading

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Google’s Aardvark acquisition: Questions for Buzz?

Google acquisition last week of Aardvark seemed a natural choice, given Google’s dominance in search. But in light of the company’s Buzz launch, Aardvark integration becomes even more interesting. I have no insight or inside knowledge of Google’s plans for … Continue reading

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Google Buzz v twitter: more on micro-commentary

I wrote recently about the differences between twitter and Buzz, conjecturing that perhaps Buzz is micro-commentary. I have had a few more thoughts on this that I would like to share. I wrote in that post that communication in twitter … Continue reading

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