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The medium and its messengers: story-telling and social media

This post is a re-poste of a comment. On a post about story telling (branding, narrative, and the media). The Hero’s Journey of Open Design. I’m sharing it here because the comment became a bit of an exposition and I … Continue reading

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Connections: A reflection on the development of social tools

The story of the stirrup Do you know the story of the stirrup? The stirrup was introduced to horsemanship alternately by the Central Asians, Chinese, or tribes in India more than 2,500 years ago. But it was not until combined … Continue reading

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Is Clay Shirky on complexity too simplistic?

From a recent post on The Collapse of Complex Business Models, Clay Shirky argues that mass media may continue to see its business cannibalized by new media if it fails to recognize the inherent dangers of overly-complex production models. “The … Continue reading

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