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Rethinking thin: social relationships in social media

In a recent post titled The Social Media Bubble, Umair Haque raises some provocative questions concerning the value of the relationships we form on the internet. His post has drawn some attention, and I’d like to quickly throw in my … Continue reading

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Swurl: lifestreaming and timelining

Like many of you, I simply can’t keep up with the river of lifestreaming applications hitting public beta this year. Many seem to simply do the same thing, more or less, with a bit more of this or a bit … Continue reading

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Directions for research, theory, and a general update

I’ve been off blogging it seems for quite a while, and while I feel out of the loop in some respects as a result, it’s been healthy and productive for a number of reasons. That said, I’m going to try … Continue reading

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