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Social Media PR Playbook: Thoughts

I’ve been gestating ideas for the past several days around ways to use social media for PR purposes that would exceed the normal use of social media tools to print and distribute PR messaging. It strikes me that PR agencies … Continue reading

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Social media monitoring and packaged care: Pick UPS, Push UPS

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by UPS’s Debbie Curtis-Magley at Tuesday’s Blogwell in San Jose. Her topic was social media monitoring, and her team’s experiences watching conversational media for UPS-related traffic. Keen to learn what tools they used, and with … Continue reading

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Cisco Disco Very Video: Cisco Uses Vlogs.

I’m at blogwell in San Jose, listening to John Earnhardt Cisco Systems and Ken Kaplan from Intel discuss corporate blogging strategies. Cisco favors video, which is in keeping with its own telepresence efforts. Video has been more natural fit for … Continue reading

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